Holistic Medicine in Andover MN | Benefits of Holistic Medicine

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holistic medicine in andover mn

Holistic, or alternative, medicine is a path to better health that addresses the whole person, including the mind, rather than focusing on just the body. It seeks to treat illness instead of just covering up symptoms with medicine and using invasive procedures. To do this, holistic medicine looks at the whole person- their lifestyle, medical history, genetics, and environment as well as their physical symptoms. It emphasizes prevention and focuses on treating the cause of an illness, rather than just its symptoms. Holistic Medicine in Andover MN is based on a holistic view of health and wellness which considers the body, mind and spirit to be interconnected.


Nontoxic medicine is a holistic approach to health and wellness that can help you achieve your maximum potential for health. By using nontoxic, natural and alternative methods, we can help you treat the cause of your illness rather than just covering up its symptoms. Traditional doctors often prescribe medication with a slew of side effects, many of which are uncomfortable or even unmanageable for patients. If you go to the doctor for one problem, you shouldn’t have to walk away with new problems. A holistic medicine specialist can address your health concerns using natural medication and supplements that won’t cause any side effects. This is especially important for seniors and those with chronic conditions because their bodies are more sensitive to the effects of medications.

Treating the Underlying Cause

Whether you have an issue with low energy, depression, unwanted weight, stress, or something else entirely, Holistic Medicine in Andover MN can help you achieve the best version of yourself possible. It’s not about just treating the symptoms, but rather identifying and treating the underlying cause of your problem. If you have low energy, for example, a holistic medicine specialist may recommend lifestyle changes such as eating better or getting more sleep. They’ll work with you to determine what the root causes to your problems are, and develop a treatment plan accordingly. Not everyone is able to or wants to make drastic changes to their lifestyle, and holistic medicine specialists understand that. By making realistic and incremental changes to your day to day living, you can expect to see more long-lasting and realistic changes to your health and wellbeing. Holistic medicine specialists provide a safe place to discuss your concerns and problems, without judgement. They’re not in the business of telling you what to do, but rather giving their advice based on their knowledge and experience in their field. This can be very helpful for those who are skeptical about conventional medicine or want more than just a prescription from a doctor.


One of the benefits of seeking holistic medical care is preventative medicine. There are many different types of holistic medicine, but most will focus on preventing illness before it happens. This can help you avoid having to spend money on an expensive doctor’s visit when you’re sick, and also helps prevent long-term health issues from developing. Some of the preventative services offered by holistic practitioners include nutritional counseling, stress management techniques, exercise programs and herbal supplements. Crucially, holistic medicine approaches your health by addressing your entire body and what affects it- this includes your environment, your lifestyle, your mental health, and factors like your nutrition.

Patient Education and Participation

One of the most important aspects of holistic medicine is that it encourages patients to take part in their own treatment. This means that you are encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in your care, rather than simply taking instructions from your doctor.

This may sound like a small detail, but it can have a huge impact on how well you feel during and after treatment. We want you to understand exactly why we recommend certain treatments, and how you can expect them to impact your health. Patient education is a key part of our holistic approach, and we want you to feel confident that you have all the information necessary to make informed decisions about your care.

Using your Body’s Natural Healing

Unlike traditional medicine, which ignores the connection between body, mind and spirit, holistic healing practices consider all these factors. As a result, it’s a more natural approach to treatment that respects your body’s ability to heal itself. Holistic therapies can help your body heal itself by addressing the underlying cause of your illness. This means that you won’t have to rely on prescription medications, which can often come with unpleasant side effects. Instead, holistic medicine seeks to treat the whole person—body, mind and spirit—and not just their symptoms.

With Dr. Leah Novak, you can receive help related to Personalized Medicine, Health Consulting, Life Coaching, and more. If you’ve experienced low energy, depression, stomach weight, or undesired weight gain, Dr. Leah Novak can help with a personalized action plan. If you are looking for Holistic Medicine in Andover MN, contact Dr. Leah Novak today!

Holistic Medicine in Andover MN

Holistic Medicine in Andover MN

Holistic Medicine in Andover MN

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