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Having a conversation before scheduling your health care is important to determine how Dr. Novak can best be of help.  This 30-minute free visit is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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All of our appointments are telehealth which means they are virtual and can take place wherever you are.   We use a video camera to make communication easier and personal.

You don’t need a diagnosis to begin working with Dr. Novak.

We do not take insurance.  However, you can use your HSA accounts.  You will also be provided with the  necessary information to submit to your insurance on your own.

One appointment is just not sufficient in restoring your health. We will adjust how long we work together based on your needs, but expect a minimum of 4 appointments (included in the initial care plan package.)

No.  If you want to bring test results or other things to show Dr. Novak, that is up to you.

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