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Dr. Leah's own health journey

It’s one thing to be sympathetic, it’s another thing to be compassionate. Dr. Novak’s compassion stems from experiencing her own health struggles. Her experiences have given her a unique ability to relate and empathize with patients who are struggling to find healing and just wanting their life back. Functional Medicine Andover MN

Functional Medicine Andover MN

Osteopathic Medicine in Andover MN

Functional Medicine Andover MN

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Personalized Medicine + Life Coaching

Dr. Novak has seen over 20,000 patients. Her experience is both practical and educated. She attended the College of St. Benedict before getting her Masters at the Philidelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where she also finished med school.


She became a resident through the Duluth Family Residency Program before moving into Urgent Care work for over 3 years. Dr. Leah began telemedicine for Doc on Demand and practiced Family Medicine for 3 more years.


Conventional medicine is a piece of her knowledge bank and tool box. She became fully aware in med school, while facing her own health struggles, that conventional medicine wasn’t the only option or approach. Dr. Leah is continuing to further her knowledge and skill by working on her Functional Medicine certification and her Integrative Medicine Fellowship.


She is also finishing her Executive and Life Coach certification with Brooke Castillo to help her patients learn to implement the tools and work toward long-term healing.

Education & Experience

chronic health issues

Finding a holistic solution

Some people are meant to be healers. Dr. Novak is the kind of doctor you want. Not only is she educated and knowledgeable, but she has attended the ‘school of life’.

“I’ve always had an interest in integrative medicine. It really began in med school when I became sick with chronic health issues that conventional medicine couldn’t help me with. I was told that ‘there was no cure’ and that I ‘should get better in 6 weeks.’ But after no relief, I was driven to find holistic solutions versus symptom management.”

“I had such severe dizziness that reading was incredibly difficult and on some days, impossible. I had to work 10x harder to keep up with the competitive atmosphere in med school. I used to run 3 miles a day and after contracting the virus that gave me chronic symptoms, I lost that freedom and strength overnight.”

“As I searched for healing solutions, I began implementing some lifestyle changes. I would work for 8 hours, come home and sleep for 2 hours to allow my body to rest and then wake to study for a few hours and then go back to bed. Eating healthy, supplementing my diet, and monitoring stress has been crucial to my healing. I became keenly aware of the toxic load that our environment, our household products and even some of the ‘food like products’ we consume were putting on my body. These adjustments have been gradually restoring my health with each year that passes.”

Dr. Novak won’t just tell you what the books say to do, she’ll help you discover the best ways to bring healing and walk you through it using her own personal experience as the motivation to help you find your joy and wellness.


Functional Medicine Andover MN Functional Medicine Andover MN

Functional Medicine Andover MN
Functional Medicine Andover MN

Functional Medicine Andover MN Functional Medicine Andover MN

"Listened & Validated"
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Dr Novak made sure to ask if what she was explaining made sense to me every time she explained something. She listened to me and validated what I was saying. I really don't like doctors, but she felt safe to talk to and I am very glad she's my provider.
"Truly Cares"
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Dr. Novak has gone out of her way to make sure my needs were met. She is not only knowledgeable, she truly cares.
"One of the best"
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Dr. Novak is a caring, compassionate and educated physician. She is friendly and professional. She listens without interrupting and explains her plan clearly. Dr. Novak is one of the best doctors I've had.
"non-judgmental help"
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Dr. Novak is such a kind non-judgmental person who seems to be in medicine because she just wants to help others. She has helped me greatly and I have so much respect and gratitude for her
"truthful interest & concern"
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Knowledgeable, very helpful, listens, and shows truthful interests and concerned. Thoughtful and very interested in what you have to say. Drive an hour plus just to see her.
"knowledgeable & kind"
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I have benefited under the care of Dr. Novak more than any other provider I have had. I appreciate her knowledge as well as how kind she is.

Functional Medicine Andover MN

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